HR OnDemand

HR OnDemand

Ideally suited for growing companies that require assistance and support from an HR professional but cannot afford to hire a Human Resources HR OnDemand from HR Pros at Carolina Accounting ImageProfessional even on a part time basis.  At less than $40 per month you can tap into the knowledge and experience of our HR professional.  With HR OnDemand our HR Professionals are available to assist and support you with:

  • Addressing situational questions with respect to employment compliance or personnel issues.
  • Customizing HR documents. Our HR Professional will create / or customize your HR documents, and review existing ones for potential compliance concerns.
  • Creating a custom Employee Handbook.  Schedule a consultation with our Human Resources Pro to develop a custom Employee Handbook and plan for implementation.

 What’s included with HR OnDemand?

  • Employee Handbook and Policy Library
  • Employee Handbook review
  • Job Descriptions
  • HR Documents, checklists, forms and guides
  • Stat and Federal law summaries
  • HR questions and answers database
  • HR Newsletters
  • HR Glossary
  • Unlimited Ask The HR pros
  • HR Document Development

HR Employee Handbook ImageWhy a Customized Employee Handbook is Important

In 2012 there were 99,412 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) discrimination charges filed.  A single law suit can cost a company hundred of thousands of dollars in defense expenses and settlement jury awards.  Not to mention the adverse impact this has on your business.  Lawsuits can adversely impact employee morale and negatively impact your public image.

Your first line of defense against any lawsuits is having an up-to-date compliant employee handbook.  With our HR OnDemand service we work with you to develop clear concise HR policies.  Policies that are communicated in a well thought out handbook.

These policies, applied consistently by managers helps employees feel like they are being treated fairly.  This minimizes the number of claims filed against an employer.  If an employee does file a claim, the employee handbook can provide valuable documentation to support the employers actions and minimize or eliminate any recourse against the employer.

For more information about major Federal Labor Laws you can visit the Department of Labor’s web page here.  For more information about HR ONDemand and to learn about how our HR Professional customize and tailor an Employee Handbook for your company contact us here.

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